The Discover Track helps you discover your purpose and live it out every day. Discover Track consists of four one-hour classes on the first four Sundays of every month. No need to register—just show up. You’ll find out how to get connected and meet some people just like you! Free food, Community Kids (for infants through 5th-graders), and fun too!

Discover Community helps you learn the vision and values of Community Church and how to get connected. It happens the first Sunday of every month.

Discover God teaches you who God really is, how much He loves you, and how to live for Him. It happens the second Sunday of every month.

Discover Yourself guides you through the discovery of your own passions, personality type, and spiritual gifts. It happens the third Sunday of every month.

Discover Life walks you through how to live fully alive by loving and serving others, knowing who God is, and who He made you to be! It happens the fourth Sunday of every month.

Times & Locations

Western Branch Campus
Sundays 1:15pm
Mondays 5:30pm
lunch or dinner provided

Suffolk Campus
Sundays 12:45pm
lunch provided