Here are a few key questions to think about in the days ahead:
  • As a group, list Community Church’s ten values from memory.
  • Approach culture proactively and creatively. How proactive and prepared do you normally consider yourself? Would you say you are a creative person? Why or why not?
  • Read John 8:1-11. How was Jesus’ approach to culture proactive and creative? How are you approaching others in ways that are out of the ordinary?
  • Share a creative idea you had that helped someone around you. What's an idea you have buried? What keeps you from sharing your ideas?
  • A God-inspired idea is always better. How are you making room for God-inspired ideas in your life?
  • Speak life. Read Ezekiel 37:1-10. We have to approach death to bring life. How are you speaking to the potential in others around you?
  • What have others spoken into your life that changed how you thought about yourself? Who is someone you can speak life into this week to bring encouragement and hope?
  • Pray for each other to live out the values of Community Church in order to make a difference in those around you.