In Acts 1, Jesus declared we would be His witnesses locally and around the world. Our global impact trips, initiatives and financial support of global organizations is how we do this. Each year, several short-term missions teams share the love of Jesus in life-changing ways, thousands of dollars are given to help those in need, and people are changed!

el salvador

Community Church partners with local churches and organizations in El Salvador, encouraging and supporting outreach to their own communities for ongoing impact. Teams also work with churches on construction projects to provide more places within communities to share the love and hope of Jesus.


Brazil has a 4,655-mile coastline and borders all but two South American countries. The country is most commonly identified with the Amazon Basin, but its southeastern section is a complex mass of ridges and mountains. The indigenous people in the jungles of northern Brazil had no access to the Bible in their language. In 2011, missionaries recorded 11 books of the New Testament into audio in the indigenous language. For the first time in their history the Waiapi people access to God’s word in their own language.

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Our Philippines Global Impact Teams work side-by-side with the Community Church – Manila Campus as we reach 25k by 2025! We’ve been working in the Philippines for the past several years, specifically at the Payatas Dump. Payatas is one of the largest inhabited dumps in the world. It is a depressed, urban-poor community where the majority of whose residents make a living scavenging from the garbage dump nearby. Because of the nature of the living conditions, many of the residents are deaf. We partner with My Children’s House of Hope at the Payatas Dump site to provide resources where at-risk, abandoned, and confused children can come and find love and hope. We’ve helped to build a campus there and provide education resources for deaf children and for their families.

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west africa

Community Church is working side-by-side with missionaries in an extremely poor region of West Africa. This area suffers from recurring droughts, and military and political unrest. Currently, there are more than 27 unreached people groups in this region. We will have the opportunity to serve with them as we share the hope and love of Jesus in practical, tangible, life-giving ways.

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