We believe the Church should be known for what they are for and not what their against. We as Community Church want to be known as those who spread the love and hope of Jesus to our community. Helping people begin to live fully alive no matter where they are at. We do that by helping people right where they are. We partner with local organizations and do service projects throughout the year to make a difference in people’s lives. On this page you will see some of the different ways we have made an impact. If you want to be involved or for more information in being a part of a local impact project please let us know below.
our impact
Gave Thanksgiving Meals To
Money Given to
Local Organizations
We Gave Away Over
We Gave Away
Care Bags To Homeless
We Gave Away Over
Gifts To local Children
Served over
Hours In Our Local Community
how we impact
week of love
We have a value to love God and Love People, and when we say that, we mean it. During specific weeks throughout the year we take time to invest into local schools, communities and those who serve. Hampton Roads matters to us and we want to make a difference. Find out how you can get involved in the week of love at your campus.

month of love
The month of love is a specific call to be intentional. Intentionality makes a dream turn into a plan which turns then, into a reality. Every one of us can do something about: empty stomachs, empty hands, and empty hearts in Hampton Roads. We’re so proud of what our church does in the community; let’s carry that intentionality throughout the year. Together, we are helping people live fully alive.

Thanksgiving Boxes
Thanksgiving is a great time to come together, spend time with family and eat an awesome meal. But for many in Hampton Roads, it can be a stressful time to try to figure out how to financially provide for a Thanksgiving meal when it is so far beyond every day expenses. We understand that need and want to help.

organizations we support

Portsmouth Social Services
Truitt Intermediate School
Western Branch Primary School
Senior Services of Southeastern VA
Bair Foundation
FoodBank of Southeastern VA
The UP Center
Lutheran Family Services
Association of Related Churches (ARC)
Chesapeake Social Services
God Behind Bars

Kempsville Middle School
Jolliff Middle School
Crisis Pregnancy Center
Roc Solid
Southwestern Elementary
HER Shelter
Mercy Drops
South Norfolk Congregational Church Soup Kitchen
Acts 2 Network