Global Impact: Philippines

Our Philippines Global Impact Teams work side-by-side with the Community Church – Manila Campus as we reach 25k by 2025! We’ve been working in the Philippines for the past several years, specifically at the Payatas Dump. Payatas is one of the largest inhabited dumps in the world. It is a depressed, urban-poor community where the majority of whose residents make a living scavenging from the garbage dump nearby. Because of the nature of the living conditions, many of the residents are deaf. We partner with My Children’s House of Hope at the Payatas Dump site to provide resources where at-risk, abandoned, and confused children can come and find love and hope. We’ve helped to build a campus there and provide education resources for deaf children and for their families.

July Trip
July 19th – 28th 2018
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This trip is open to all adults, and middle school and high school students will be considered, under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
Deposit – $400
1st Payment – $700
2nd Payment – $700
Final Payment – $700
There will be 3 team meetings for this trip. Attendance at these meetings are mandatory.
1st Payment – Friday, March 30th, 2018
2nd Payment – Friday, April 27th, 2018
Final Payment – Friday, June 1st, 2018
Team members will stay at a home in Bulacan. The home has running water and electricity and most meals will be served here. Laundry services are available at the home. WiFi is typically available but not guaranteed depending on factors such as weather. Team members will travel in a group by van.

While in Macapa, the team will eat local cuisine from restaurants and street vendors. Once in the jungle, team members will enjoy home cooked meals including locally sourced meats and vegetables.
Lightweight, comfortable clothing suitable for working, closed-toe shoes, and other personal necessities. Most importantly – a heart willing to serve our missionaries and support them in the most practical ways possible.
Rebecca McCraw
November Trip
November 10th – 19th 2018
More Information Coming Soon