Global Impact: Philippines

Poverty is estimated to afflict at least 40% of the entire Philippines population and approximately 13% of the total population lives in Metro Manila. Payatas Dump – one of the largest inhabited dumps in the world – is a depressed, urban-poor community in Manila, where the majority of residents make a living scavenging from the garbage dump.

Community Church Manila Campus partners with My Children’s House of Hope, located at the Payatas Dump, as well as Talking Hands Deaf Preschool. Community Church Global Impact Teams work with campus leaders to share the love and hope of Jesus in the community surrounding the Manila Campus while providing resources for abandoned or at-risk children as well as educational materials for deaf children and their families.

Location Information
  • Total Population: 106 million+ people
  • Languages: Tagalog with 11 other indigenous languages
  • Religion: Catholic 82.9%, Muslim 5%, Evangelical 7.3%, Other 4.8%