Responsible for moving equipment on and off stage at specified times during services.
Responsible for video camera operations during services. Follows cues of the Director over headset, and provides excellent service coverage.
Responsible for running all forms of graphics (song lyrics, scriptures, message content) during service. Plays on-screen graphics as cued by Director. Make any necessary changes to slides using ProPresenter.
Responsible for executing lighting cues during service. Operates the lighting console or campus specific software-based lighting console.
Responsible for monitoring flow of service. Cues stage communicators and worship team members at appropriate times. Reports any inconsistencies in service to technical producer.
Responsible for ensuring all production-related elements are ready prior to service rehearsals and services. Ensures all scheduled positions are filled.
Responsible for directing all positions related to camera, graphics, lighting. Ensures service flows smoothly and all elements are executed as designed.

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