We are currently in a message series called 52 Days. During this time, we are focusing as a community on renewal, rebuilding, and revival. 2020 has had challenging seasons for many of us, but we believe it is still our breakthrough year!

Here you can find daily video encouragement, teachings, and weekly prayer guides to help you on this journey of rebuilding and living fully alive.

Commit to pursuing and living out God's desire for your life during this 52 Days series. Commit to daily prayer and devotion. Together, let's commit to getting all God would want for us in this season of revival, as individuals and as the Church.
People Committing

We do not become experts in prayer—prayer is something in which we are always growing. It’s the activity given to us on the earth to intimately connect with God, to engage Him, and to pull heaven down to earth—your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth AS IT IS in heaven. During the next several weeks we will have weekly focuses of prayer. These prayer focuses are not meant to last only a few minutes and then we move on with our day. These are prayers for us to pray daily, each week, crying out to God in faith.