Prayer and Fasting

January 13–22, 2020


Mark 9:29 TPT He answered them, “This type of powerful spirit can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.”


Why and how are we fasting for ten days in 2020?
For breakthrough. 2020 is a year of breakthrough for us all! We are believing this and putting our faith in this encouragement from God. The most powerful things we need to breakthrough can only happen with prayer and fasting according to Jesus. The number 10 represents testing in Scripture.


We are doing a 10-day fast as a way of testing ourselves and the power and completeness God has for us. There are two primary types of fast we are engaging in during these 10 days as a church:
  • A liquid-only fast.
  • The Daniel fast from Scripture (ie. vegetable, fruit, nuts, grains…that’s it)!
There will be an 8:00am prayer meeting at the Western Branch Campus, Monday–Friday and Monday–Wednesday (January 13–22, weekdays only).


We will end the fast with a night of worship and prayer on Wednesday, January 22!


Jan 13 2020 - Jan 22 2020