In Acts 1:8, Jesus declared we would be His witnesses locally, regionally, and globally – “…to the ends of the earth.”

Community Church shares hope by supporting initiatives and investing financially in organizations all around the world. Each year, we send several short-term Global Impact Teams to serve missionaries, pastors, and leaders of the local church in other countries. Thousands of dollars are given to help those in need and the love of Jesus is shared in practical, life-changing ways!



Through partnership with Salvadoran churches, Community Church is involved in providing teaching and training for pastors, leaders, and interns, as well as encouraging and supporting outreach to their local communities. Community Church also partners with Orphan Helpers to provide encouragement and support of Salvadoran employees working in orphanages and juvenile detention centers – empowering youth as they prepare for adulthood.


For the first time in history, an indigenous people group in the northern jungles of Brazil have access to the Bible in their own language. This work continues through the support of Community Church by investing financial resources and sending Global Impact Teams to encourage and work side-by-side with the missionaries serving in remote areas.


In the community surrounding the Manila Campus, Community Church shares the love and hope of Jesus while partnering with My Children’s House of Hope, located at the Payatas Dump, as well as Talking Hands Deaf Preschool – providing resources for abandoned or at-risk children as well as educational materials for deaf children and their families.



Did you know that Europe is the least Christian continent in the world? Over 97% of Europeans, including the Irish, have no relationship with Jesus. Churches all over are now offices and tourist spots. Ireland’s western coast of Connemara has not had a bible believing church plant in over 100 years, until now. Community Church is partnering with a church plant effort in Galway, Ireland in order to assist missionaries there in sharing the love and hope of Jesus.