help those in neeed

Help serve hundreds of families in need in the Hampton Roads area.

community support

Serve local Healthcare Workers, First Responders, and Teachers by delivering meals or supplies.

Senior Citizen Meal Delivery

Through our partnership with Obici hospital and Meals on Wheels, serve local senior citizens by helping deliver meals.

Funeral Care Team

Help serve and support families during difficult times of grief.


Community Church is coming along side to support families in our communities with in-person tutoring at our Suffolk and Western Branch campuses. This is individualized instruction for 3rd–12th grade students.
serve as a tutor

blood drive

Giving blood saves lives! Register today to give blood at Western Branch or Suffolk. Physical distancing guidelines will be in place, masks are required, and temperatures will be checked at the door to help keep everyone safe as we do our part to help keep everyone safe as we do our part to help the community!

  • February 24 • Western Branch
  • March 3 • Western Branch
  • April 28 • Suffolk
  • May 12 • Western Branch
  • June 23 • Suffolk
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sign up to serve at a blood drive

interested in helping wherever there is a need?

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